Innovativ wie ein Start-Up!

Wie geht das genau für eine bestehende Firma? Kürzlich hat KW+P Ash Maurya, einen der Vordenker aus der Lean Start-Up Bewegung getroffen. Dabei konnten wir Ihm einige Fragen stellen:

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Martin Kägi: Ash, do you think that your methods could also help existing organizations becoming more innovative?
Ash Maurya: When I started with my book, the first target audience was web application entrepreneurs, but I soon realized that everyone, who is trying to innovate their business, faces similar challenges. I believe that the principles behind the tactics apply to a wide audience.

How do you feel when your material gets taught at business schools?
My goal was always to give practical guidance and to share with others what has worked for me and what not. But it is great to see people using the material systematically and applying it to existing business situations, like you guys are doing it at KW+P.

What are you currently up to? Is there maybe even a new book on the horizon?

Mostly I am helping start-ups and businesses becoming more lean. I also give my workshops around the world. Watch out for my new book announcement…

Thanks Ash, and all the best for your future ventures!

Mehr Informationen finden sich in Ash Blog, oder in seinem Buch Running Lean.

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